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About Us

Welcome to RB Racing Rotors

When it comes to performance braking, you will always want the best and expect your car to perform at it's best.

Well we have you covered. We supply full front and rear complete big brake kits as well as disc upgrades, replacement rotors or custom bells for a set of rotors you may have already.

We offer full complete big brake kits such as:

- F50 4 piston front kits available in 345mm or 355mm

- GT 6 Piston front kits available in 355mm, 380mm or 405mm

- GT 4 Piston rear kits available in 355mm or 380mm

- AP RadiCAL 6 piston front brake kits available in 370mm, 380mm, 390mm or 410mm

- AP RadiCAL 4 piston rear kits available in 355mm or 380mm

- AP 9040 6 Piston front kits available in 355mm or 362mm

- AP 9200 4 piston front or rear kits available in 355mm

- AP 9660 Pro R 6 piston front kits available in 355mm

- AP 9665 Pro R 6 piston front kits available in 370mm or 380mm

- AP 9448 Pro R 4 piston rear kits available in 355mm or 380mm


Our rear brake kits always work with the original handbrake. We never supply any part or brake kit that is not designed to be bolt on. We expect you to feel reassured your getting the best available and at the best price.

We do not compromise on performance and we would never sell you a product we wouldn't fit to our own vehicles.

Our demo cars are all fitted with our brake kits to show you how passionate about performance and braking we are, and how we back all our products.

We cater to most vehicles on the road including new vehicles. Just contact us and we can discuss your goals and requirements for the vehicle you have

We also offer replacement 2 piece disc rotors for many high performance vehicles where the oem equipment isn't quite up to the job. These vehicles include:

- Nissan GTR R35 CBA + DBA vehicles 

- Audi TT RS
- Audi B5 B7 B8 RS4

- Audi C5 C6 C7 RS6

- Audi RS5 RS7
- Porsche 996 / 997 Models including Turbo

- Nissan 350z 370z

- Mercedes AMG models C63 E63 S63 SL55 / 63 models

- BMW E92 M3

- BMW F82 M4

- BMW F80 M3


We also offer 2 piece disc upgrades for many cars where 2 piece wasnt available. If we can offer you an upgrade we will, just ask us.

Our discs and brake kits are fully capable of every day use or full on track racing. We have a selection of different pad compounds to suit your use from HP1000 soft compound, HAWK range pads and Ferodo DS2500 for the track.

Just take a look in our rotor gallery below and if there is anything you like, just get in touch. We are always happy to help or answer any questions you may have

If you click on the online store you will see all our products available. Don't worry if we don't have your vehicle listed just look at the brake kit your interested in and contact us. We only need to know a few details and we can advise the next step.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

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