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Disc Upgrades

Welcome to RB Racing Rotors, Here you will find our replacement 2 piece discs. If your bells match our bolt pattern on the discs, you will only need the outer disc rings from us.

If they are a different pattern we will have to supply discs with bells.

All our discs are made to the highest quality specification with curved directional veins, Low weight, High durability and can be used for everyday road use, Track days and various other motorsport use. Each of our discs are all balanced and checked for run out prior to dispatch.

We also offer Floating and Non Floating depending on requirement and usage.  

Please use the diagram below to measure your disc bolt pattern, then get in touch with your disc requirements. If you need any advice or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We are happy to help

Disc Size.png

Please follow this measuring diagram and use a vernier caliper or ruler accurately. Measure 3 times to be sure.

If your bells are Floating let us know as these discs have a different design and usually have larger bolt holes.

If you have trouble you can always send us a disc or bell for us to measure which we can send back the next day.

Brake Pad Area Measurements.png

This measurement is for us so we know your pad area meets the requirement you need and also our discs. 

Some discs can have less pad area than anothers and still be the same size disc so we ask to check, just to avoid any complications.

Easiest way to measure is from edge of the disc to the bell edge.. we can then calculate whats needed

You can also measure the brake pad but we have another diagram for that if you need it, just ask.

                     Outer 2 piece Discs Pair

         (Bells not included in price, see Disc Upgrades)



330 x 28mm                                                      £299.99

330 x 30mm                                                      £299.99

330 x 32mm                                                      £299.99

345 x 30mm                                                      £319.99

345 x 32mm                                                      £319.99

355 x 22mm                                                      £349.99

355 x 28mm                                                      £349.99        

355 x 30mm                                                      £349.99

355 x 32mm                                                      £349.99

362 x 32mm                                                      £349.99

370 x 34mm                                                      £449.99

370 x 36mm                                                      £449.99

380 x 28mm                                                      £499.99

380 x 32mm                                                      £499.99

380x 34mm                                                       £499.99

380 x 36mm                                                      £549.99

390 x 32mm                                                      £549.99


390 x 34mm                                                      £549.99


390 x 36mm                                                      £549.99

405 x 32mm                                                      £599.99


405 x34mm                                                       £599.99          

410 x 34mm                                                       £749.99


410 x 36mm                                                       £749.99

Prices in GBP £ and include a new bolt set 

*Does not include Floating Bobbins or anti rattle clips*

Priced per pair including UK mainland shipping

For worldwide shipping, ask us for a quote. We quote competitively.

405 x 34mm Drilled Floating Porsche.png
380 x 32mm Slotted Floating.png
Alcon spec Half moon 380 x 34mm.png
380 x 34mm Floating Curve Groove.png
Placing an Order

To place an order, simply                        to message us directly at our Facebook page or you can email us directly

Once we have confirmed your vehicle and order details, we will send you the invoice.

We accept payment through Worldpay Secure online payment or Bank Wire Transfer.

Lead time for orders is usually 10 - 12 days before  delivery


We ship worldwide, Contact us for a quote for shipping discs as the price is much less than shipping a brake kit.

Thank you for visiting

For any questions or queries, get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Best regards from the team,

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